Mirror, Mirror on the wall, why do you show my black spots out of all. Ugh!

Selfie Time.

Uhm, Let’s just say “we are all kinda obsessed with selfie’s just like me” Alright, alright! I’m Kidding!

Okay, so this thought struck me while I was looking at a selfie that I took. Was wondering if only I didn’t have that black little spot on my face then I would look prettier. There goes a shout out to you  GOOGLE. Thank you! Because I googled for applications that beautifies and clears out those black spots on these pictures of mine. And I downloaded it, and the end result? I loved myself much more!  Because my face had absolutely no black spots (and I did look much prettier)  Seriously! I was actually wondering if it was really ME.(okay, I exaggerated a bit). But this gave me a thought about myself, my sins and THE REAL ME, who I was supposed to be! If only these sins in me would be cleared out like what the app did, I would look much prettier inside. I hit the jackpot again! Cause I found my JESUS. Just like the app which erases all those black spots, My Jesus erased all my sins on the CROSS to keep my heart beautiful and spotless. What’s even better? Unlike the application which only edits the picture outside, Christ cleanses the REAL ME – deep inside! But before that,  for the  guilt and addiction of black spots to be taken away, I had to accept Christ in my life for HIM to do the CLEANSING part just like how I accepted to download the beautifying application to edit my pictures. Why wouldn’t I? After all I AM HIS and He is MINE.


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