Have you tried planning your future?Do you know the future? You don’t. No one does. We can plan, but there are so many possibilities in life that we are unsure of what will happen. Since we don’t know the future, how in the world then, will we know what choices to make that will lead us to the best destination?

Only God knows the future. He knows which choices will lead us to the right destination. Are you willing to give Him your hand and let Him lead? Do you believe that God knows your heart desires? Do you trust that God will lead you to a destination in life that you’ll surely like?

In life, letting God take the lead is like a tug-of-war. Imagine a dad holding his child’s hand and they are walking in a supermarket. When the child sees something he likes, he will pull away from his dad and walk towards that thing. It’s the same with us. There are so many things in life we like, that we would like to have, but God is saying, “I’ve something better for you, son.”

When we invited God into our life, it’s like inviting God into our house. There are many rooms in our house, each room representing an area of our life—studies, relationship, family, hobbies, etc. We may have opened some of the room doors to God, but we still keep some closed. We want to have control over them ourselves. We still want to be owner of our house, and God is our guest. Giving God control means giving God ownership of our entire house; He should have full control over all the rooms in our house.

But, you know what’s the most important decision of all in your entire life? It’s about you choosing Christ or not! Christ is our Father who loves you though you’ve sinned and ditched Him million times. He paid it all on the Cross instead of you. Oh yes, even those secret little sins! But why! WHY! The simple answer is because YOU are HIS CHILD. He doesn’t want you to spend eternity crying in pain. So he stepped down from His throne to take your sins upon Him so that you’ll be set free. He’s still sad that you don’t recognize Him that He’s your Dad. It’s your choice. Will it be you having the best time of your life with heavenly Dad dancing, eating, having ice creams and praising or will it be you crying in the pits of hell with Satan. You need to surrender your heart to God who holds your life.

Surrendering may not be easy, but slowly, give up each area of your life to God. It can be done. God can give you the strength to do it.

So when you are at the crossroads of life, let God lead you on. Give Him full control. He will surely take you to where you will have joy and happiness.